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Are you planning your Date?

Date Spot for a perfect date


A perfect date spot for a perfect date

When you are about to ask someone out on a date, you must have a good place in mind. If it is your first date then you definitely want to create a good impression, and if you choose the wrong place, you surely will ruin the date. Even if it is not your first date, remember, choosing the right place always adds to the mood and comfort. The place you choose need not be too mushy and romantic, the environment instead should be light and friendly, this is quite important if it is your first date, as you are yet trying to know each other. If you are confused where exactly should you plan your first date then the below mentioned great date spots shall definitely make things easier for you.


  • Coffee House

    While asking someone out, the most common line one quotes is “ would you like to join me for a cup of coffee?“ So a coffee house is a perfect place for a date. A coffee house is a place where two people can comfortably meet, sit down for a while, and have a pleasant time getting to know more about each other

  • Green Park

    A nice lush green park definitely is a blessing for those who wish to exercise, but more than that it is a boon for the young teenagers who wish to go on a date. You can comfortably sit there for hours, talk to each other without worrying about people bothering you. This is a perfect date spot, both cute and romantic.

  • Beaches

    If you live in a coastal city, you are indeed lucky. The beaches look beautiful, particularly during sunset. It melts the heart of most women, and thus getting them in the mood for a romance conversation. You can spend hours in the beach, just sitting close by, chatting and watching the waves, and when you are hungry you can gorge on some beach snacks.

  • Bowling

    The best thing about bowling is even if you not good at it, you still will end up enjoying it. It is a great game and both you and your date will have a fun time shooting down the bowling pins. If you are good at playing the game, then this spot is just perfect, as it gives you the opportunity to impress your date. Bowling alleys generally have cafeterias, so after playing, you can sit there, eat somehing and at the same time enjoy a conversation.

  • Restaurant

    A restaurant is a perfect date spot, but make sure it is not too cozy or romantic, as your date might not be comfortable with it. However, make sure the ambience is good enough, and that the food offered is great.


These are some great date spots ideal for every couple. However, before choosing either of these spots it will be best if you get to know the taste and preferences of your date, just to make sure you do not go wrong. One last thing, do not forget to take a gift for your date, it need not be something expensive, even a box of chocolates or some flowers will be good enough. So it will be a perfect date.