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Are you planning your Date?

An Exceptional First Date

Great Tips For An Exceptional First Date:


The Basic Things You Have To Know For A Successful Outcome

Dating has become a very popular habit worldwide, as there is a very high number of people looking for short or long-term relationships on different dating websites and networks. However, as simple as it might sound, dating a person you have never seen before for the first time is more complicated and it requires both courage and some knowledge. It is very important to take into account some very important aspects of this matter before going to your first date, especially if you want to make a good impression and develop the connection between you and your partner.

  • The first thing you have to consider carefully is your outfit. You do not have to overdo your look because you might seem very false and unpleasant to your partner. It is recommended to maintain your outfit attractive, yet very simple if you want to impress your date. For instance, you can choose a simple dress (if you are a woman) or casual clothes (if you are a man), but not matter what you choose, make sure that it represents your personality and nature. Do not try to be what you are not actually because you might have some unexpected surprises in the end.
  • Choose the venue for your date very attentively because it plays a very important role when it comes to first dates. Always remember that you are going to meet a person you have never seen before and therefore you do not have to make him feel awkward during the date. Choose a place that seems right for both of you and make a sacrifice if you two cannot agree on a certain one. Ask your partner what he would like to do and think about the most appropriate location. Avoid places where you will be completely alone because they might intimidate your partner and your first date will not be a success in the end.
  • Your behavior is extremely important during your date and it will show your partner whether you are the right person for him or not. You might dislike his physical appearance, voice, clothes and so on, but it is recommended to avoid showing him this. Try to be very kind instead and talk to him normally, like you really like him. If you consider that he is not the partner you actually want for your relationship, try to show him this subtly, without being too direct or too harsh. Imagine that he would do the same with you: it would not be very pleasant, right?
  • If you want your first date to be a real success, then be yourself and never try to be what you actually are not. You do not have to try to be what your partner would like to be. Always remember that a relationship involves accepting each other the way you are and you do not have to be more sophisticated, funny, shy or talkative just to make a good impression to your partner. Show your real self and let him like you for what you actually are. This is one of the most significant virtues when it comes to first dates and relationships, so make sure you respect it precisely.
  • Your manners are extraordinary important for a first date because you have to make a good impression to your partner and show him that you are a well-educated person. Even though you have to be yourself, this does not mean that you are allowed to eat using your hands or sip your coffee loudly. Keep your behavior within decent limits, between sophisticated and simple and you will surely manage to get the appreciation of your partner.
  • The first date might mean the start of your new relationship, but there is the chance that it will not actually work between you and your partner. It is important not to rush things and let everything flow by itself. If your relationship works, then you do not have to do anything in order to impress your partner or rush the things. If you do this, your partner might consider you not very decent and this might lead to failure. Analyze your connection very well before making another step and pay attention to your partner’s reaction. If he seems comfortable, you can advance your relationship, but if not, you should keep things clear and advance slowly.


As long as you respect these tips, your first date will certainly be a success and you will manage to obtain a long-term relationship with the right person for you.