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Are you planning your Date?

First Date Ideas


Some good first Date Ideas

When going on a first date, the smallest of blunders could prevent a second date from occurring. Step one in setting up the perfect date is picking out what to do. Here are some good first date ideas to help make your date happy and hopefully, start a great relationship.


  • Date Idea #1: Hiking

    Going for a hike is a one of many good first date ideas. In addition to this being a very cheap date, it is also a great way to chat a little. As you are hiking, the two of you can converse and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time.

  • Date Idea #2: Relaxing

    A relaxing first date idea is to take your date to the golf course or to go miniature golfing. Anyone can participate in these activities, no matter what their athletic skills. If your date is not very skilled at golf, you can show them your skills. This is also a great way to get closer to that person.

  • Date Idea #2: Art Gallery

    Are you going on a date with an artsy type? If so, an art gallery may not be such a bad first date idea. Art galleries tend to be quiet, so this is a great way to check out some great pieces and get to know each other better. If you are not too art-savvy, just be sure to do some research on the gallery first so you can discuss what you see.

  • Date Idea #3: Concert – Nightclub

    A concert or nightclub may not be the best places to take someone on a first date since it would be hard to become acquainted. However, a small lounge with a singer is fine. You can enjoy a drink, listen to some relaxing music and chat at the same time. The ambiance in a lounge makes for a great setting for a first date.

  • Date Idea #4: Sightseeing

    Sightseeing in your own town is a wonderful first date idea. As the two of you get to know one another, you can discover the sites in your city and town together. Take your date to places you have never even been to and make them meaningful for both of you.

  • Date Idea #5: Boat ride

    If you own a boat or have access to one, you may want to consider taking your date on a ride. Nothing is better than enjoying the great seas as you and your date converse. If your date is more of the outdoors type, you could even fish off the boat. Follow this up with a nice dinner using the fish you caught!

  • Date Idea #6: Picnic

    A picnic in the park makes for a great first date. A nice sunny day in the park makes for a great intimate setting. Bring some sandwiches and a bottle of wine as the two of you sit on a blanket and have great conversation.

  • Date Idea #7: Wine tasting

    Do you live in an area with vineyards? If so, take your date on a wine tasting adventure. You and your date can get to know one another better as you sip on different wines and learn the process of wine making. You cannot go wrong with this date idea; after all, who doesn’t like trying out new wines?

  • Date Idea #8: Classes

    Believe or not, taking a class with a first date is a great idea. The two of you can bond by learning something neither one of you knew before. You could take a French culinary class, yoga class, of whatever else you choose. This is also increase your chances of getting a second date; your date will want to continue on with the classes, making him or her more eager to spend time with you.

  • Date Idea #9: Volunteer work

    Doing volunteer work is another great idea for a first date. Unless you are heartless, volunteering will make you feel good about yourself. It also shows your date that you are a caring person and he or she will look at you positively. Doing this also tests out the personality of your date and how caring he or she is.


In conclusion, figuring out what to do for a first date can be more stressful than the date itself. But, this is something you no longer have to worry above; you have been giving good first date ideas in this article. Be sure to use one of these for your next first date.