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Are you planning your Date?

Great Date Spots

Great date spots to make your partner fall in love on the first date

It doesn’t matter how fresh romance blooms, through friendship or through a chance hook ups. The most important thing is how special the first date is. First dates tend to be sensitive as compared to a first kiss. Making a hasty move could result in ruing your opportunities within a short time. Below are great date spots that can help you make a remarkable impression and please your date as well.


  • Coffee shop

    A coffee date will be comfortable for both of you. It’s great and will help your date judge the real you without being influenced by the environment.

  • Restaurant with a great view

    If possible choose a restaurant with an amazing view, such as, a garden, the sea or the horizont.

  • Amusement park

    Go for several crazy rides together and before you even realize it, the chemistry will be blazing with adrenalin.

  • Parks

    Go for a picnic at a park, particularly on s sunny day. Staring at nature’s beauty is always breathtaking.

  • Live concert

    If your date likes music or in case their best band is performing in town, don’t hesitate. Your date will be grateful and like you for arranging a surprise date to the live performance.

  • Zoo

    A walk inside a zoo can make you feel at ease with each other. It is difficult to hold your thrill when staring at wild animals engaging in wild antics.

  • Watch a Movie

    Movie dates are ideal for the first date. It helps you to feel at ease with your date and is exciting romantically.

  • Boat ride

    Decide what you plan to do. You can choose a romantic paddle boat or a boat with an oar, or a jet ski to make the date thrilling.


When choosing a date venue make sure that you pick a spot that you will both enjoy. It’s clear that you don’t know a lot concerning your partner. Below are tips to guide you on how to pick great date spots:

  • 1. Ask your partner their favorite hang out spots

    Listen carefully and then take him/her to a similar spot where you are sure the person will be at ease and you will both have a great time.

  • 2. Consider what you know about your partner

    Ensure that you recall your conversation. What does your date favorite meals? What does he/she hate? Remembering what you have discussed together is essential when it comes to choosing the right place.

  • 3. Pick a venue where you can interact with ease

    Avoid taking your partner to a place where they feel awkward or like they are in an interview. You can go to a coffee shop or dinner date. Dinner is a great option since you get adequate time for casual talks, lots of laughs, as well as a nice time. It makes you get to know each other better and enjoy great food.

  • 4. Avoid overly romantic venues

    Taking your partner on the first date to a place reserved for couples might make him/her feel uneasy, for instance, an erotic venue for dancing or a fancy restaurant. You should make your partner feel at ease.

  • 5. Be creative

    You can be a little adventurous and try to be creative. The first date is very important and your partner will always remember it. Avoid places you visit often as you can meet many people that you know. This can irritate your date.