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Romantic Date Ideas for Men

Romantic-Date-Ideas for Men

Romantic Date Ideas –  Dating tips that men must know


There are people who have perfected their dating game so that it is so easy for them to go out successfully with different people within a week. However, there are others who wish to have just one date but they have no idea how to go about. If you have never gone out with someone you fancy, or you would like to come back into the game after some layoff, below are a few romantic date ideas that could help you gain ground:

  • Take time before you ask her out

    It’s unwise to ask a woman out on the first day you meet. Chances are that your advances would fail. Some people say that the days of chasing after and playing hard to get are over, but fact is there is no thrill without effort. During your first meeting, take the few minutes you have to trigger interest in the person. Show interest in what she does and commend her for her efforts. Enjoy the conversation and ask her if you can talk again; that is the moment you get her phone number. Never forget to complement her beauty and charm. Do not however make it explicit that you would be taking her out some times later. Women love surprises. If you can convince her to give you her contact, there is no reason you would fail to  ask her out after some time.

  • Schedule your first date in a public place

    Times are changing fast; not every woman would prefer a date in a very expensive hotel like in the past. Do something different by choosing a unique place she hasn’t probably visited. If there is a fun-fare occasion in a recreational park, take her there. A date is not a business meeting. You can only know each other better by conversing in an informal surrounding. A public place also assures the woman of her security.

  • Create friendship before declaring your love

    Dating can only be successful if you share interests. You should be seeking out a friend who you can go out with to movies; someone whom you are proud to introduce to your friends, a person who night not necessarily share your perspectives of life but shares your goals. Even if you are smitten, never declare your love for a woman in the initial stages of your dating. She won’t take you as a serious guy. One date is therefore not enough. Every time you go out, make sure you learn something that she loves doing and make it a priority on your next date.

  • Win her confidence by keeping promises

    The first thing you have to do before even seeking her opinion on whether she loves you is to win her confidence. Keep time. Meet your promises. Don’t make her do things that would make her think that you are taking advantage of her; something like inviting her over to your house after the second date is not an intelligent thing. If she can count on you, then you are succeeding.

  • Understand why you are dating

    For you to integrate romantic date ideas successfully, you have to spell out your motivation for taking someone out. Some people date because they want to get married, others go out just for fun, while a few may be in it to get revenge against their partners. Make sure that your partner understands what you are after so that they do not mistake it for a fairy tale that would never be. Open communication and frankness would take both of you a long way.


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