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Are you planning your Date?

Seven Dating Rules

7 Dating Rules That Will Make Her Fall For You

First dates can make any happy-go-lucky person nervous. The situation is worse for men, as they have to take the responsibility to organize and manage everything, from a good location to finding romantic gifts for her. All these things can be a bit stressful for most people. Here are 7 dating rules that will help you alleviate the most common dating stressors.


  • Dating Rule #1: Keep it Light And Affordable

    It is always advised to keep your dates light and simple. A lot of people make a mistake by over-indulging into expensive and lavish restaurants. If you’re going on a first date, the whole idea of having a lavish treat may not appeal your partner. She may not feel comfortable, especially if she hasn’t expected it at all. Keep the big bucks for future dates, once you get to know about her lifestyle and preferences. Until then, you should try to settle down for places and ideas that are affordable for both the parties.

  • Dating Rule #2: Choose A Place Where You Can Talk

    This is a thumb rule for first date couples. Always choose a place that is decently crowded, a place where you both can sit and talk, instead of feeling awkward with the silent and intimate ambiance.
    Food courts, restaurants, clubs and amusement parks are good places to go. If you don’t want to make it too much active, choose a decent coffee bar to accommodate. Think about a place where you two people can sit and talk comfortably, without being too much interrupted. The focus on the first date should be to get to know each other, for which smooth conversation is necessary.

  • Dating Rule #3: Dress Up Comfortably

    Make sure you wear only comfortable outfits to the date. Do not try to experiment with new clothes or hairstyles. Keep them as they are supposed to be on regular days. Wear shoes that can fit into anysurroundings. For instance: if you decide to go on a beach walk after a good dinner at a plush restaurant, your shoes should go well in both places. The trick is to opt for dependable, comfortable and flat tering clothes.

  • Dating Rule #4: Shop For Romantic Gifts For Her

    Nothing can flatter a woman than a romantic gift. A lot of men find difficulty in choosing romantic gifts for their special someone. It becomes even difficult when you’re not aware of the preferences and likes of the person. The best way is to stalk your partner’s social networking profile and see what she likes and doesn’t like. You will definitely get an idea about her preferences, which will help you find good options of romantic gifts for her. Alternatively, if you two share some common friends, you can seek their suggestions as well.

  • Dating Rules #5: Stick To Being Non-Alcohol On The First Date

    This is one of the most common mistakes that people make on their first date. There is no harm is taking alcohol on dates, but if you don’t have the capacity to drink much you might end up making the date a one big disaster. Avoid taking your partner to places where you get easy access to alcoholic drinks. Conversations made in alcoholic state of mind may not even make any sense, and you will end up knowing just nothing about the girl. It can also restrict you doing number of things, like giving ride back to her home or taking a romantic beach walk after you’re drunk.

  • Dating Rule #6: Give Enough Space And Time To Interact

    Some people plan their dates around too many activities that the couple does not get time to interact with each other. This may not be a disaster, but can definitely create limitations at the end. One on one interaction is very important on the first date. Sure, activities can help you come closer to each other, but interaction can help you build a good foundation if you’re looking forward to a relationship.

  • Dating Rule #7: Make the Event Enjoyable

    Make sure that whatever you plan for your date is enjoyable and fun. No one wants to experience a dull and boring date. Just a plain dinner and a beach walk, won’t do the trick. You need to be a bit more creative and enthusiastic about your plans. Research about her hobbies and plan your date around it.


Now that you have got a comprehensive list of dating tips, you shouldn’t feel nervous or stressed while planning your first date. Keep in mind these dating rules and you will never go wrong with your preparations!