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What to wear on first date


Tips on what to wear on first date  

Nothing can stand in comparison with the excitement a girl feels before her first date. Many questions arise in the mind of young girls such as, will there be chemistry, will he live up to the standards, will he become the special one, will he like me or not etc. Many questions arise in the mind of young girls before their first date, and among these questions and confusion, the last thing that someone wants to bother about would be the clothes. However, what every girl thinks first about her date is the dress she would be wearing and how she would be dressing up. At this time, every girl feels that there is nothing good enough in her wardrobe that will suit her on this special occasion. It takes a lot of time to decide on what to wear on the first date and some of the girls might end up in the malls shopping for a new dress.


Here are some tips to help girls in finalizing what to wear on first date

  • Comfort

    Always choose a comfortable dress. They should feel confident and comfortable in what they are wearing. Feeling uncomfortable and fidgeting with the dress because of it can clearly be noticed by the other person and can land her in awkward situations. It will also divert her attention and will not let her concentrate over the date. A girl should wear high heels only if she can walk easily in them, and they will not hurt. She should be able to sit over her chair comfortably, and should not fidget over her chair because of uncomfortable dress. She should feel relax and comfortable and be herself.

  • Mystery

    Girl should try being alluring, witty, intelligent, fun, sophisticated and smoldering. The guy should feel lucky enough to be with a girl like her. However, showing off too much at the first date can affect her image. It does not mean that one need to go around dressing like a nun or showing off is completely a bad idea. Reveal only that much that gets his interest and creates a sense of excitement and mystery. It will surely make him dial her number again.

  • Dress according to the occasion

    The most important thing that should be kept in mind for the first date is, never allow it to be planned over some surprised location. First reason is that it is never a good idea to choose an unknown location to meet a person who is not familiar. Google the location if needed, get a vibe about that place. Know what type of place it would be and type of dress that would be the best for that location. Girls would often wish that their date would tell them or give a hint about the dress code, but probably it will not happen. It would really feel awkward and inappropriate to dress according to a mood lit bar, when the plan is for a simple walk or a picnic. To make sure not to fall out of the place, be prepared beforehand.

  • Backup

    Never forget to keep a backup dress, accessories, makeup, and matching footwear along with it. One never knows what sort of conditions they have to face in future. It is always advisable to have a backup so that they do not have to rush into things at the last moment. Even if something happens with the dress at the end, or there may be change of plans they can still look gorgeous and be ready on time with their backup dress.

  • Be who you are

    Girls should keep this thing in their mind that they should never try to be who they are not. They should dress in a manner like the one they always do. Impressing the partner is a good thing, but changing oneself completely for him is not a good idea. If a girl is jean-top kind of a person then they should not force themselves into fuchsia body con. Besides being comfortable, the boy needs to know his girl from the start, so do not go hiding piercing and tattoos. If they not like who you are then they are not your type. Go ahead and wait for the right person.


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